An oil pump works at sunset in the desert oil fields of Sakhir, Bahrain. The price of oil slunk to a low of $38.24 on Aug. 24, the lowest since the depths of the recession in 2009.

You think the stock market is crazy? Look at oil prices.

Commodity markets are renowned for booms and busts but the last four days in the crude oil market have even experienced traders wide-eyed.

Miles of pipeline run throughout the Dominion Resources Cove Point LNG terminal connecting storage tanks to an off shore pier in Maryland. Liquefied natural gas export facilities are poised to become an outlet for a glut of natural gas from U.S. shale plays in the coming years.

Marcellus to become a net exporter of natural gas this year

Now, most Marcellus gas goes to the Midwest, Southeast and Canada. Eventually it will access Mexico and the world through LNG exports.


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