Range Resources looks to drill additional wells in Findlay

Range Resources Corp. wants to drill up to 11 more wells on a site on Clinton-Frankfort Road in Findlay, but that will require the township to amend a conditional use plan for the location.

In 2013, township supervisors approved three wells at the Dalbo site on Clinton-Frankfort Road. The well pad is on 254 acres owned by Dominick Dalbo of Cecil.

After the initial approval, Range Resources drilled one well and capped it. With pipeline construction underway, the Canonsburg-based drilling company requested permission to drill up to 11 more wells, in addition to what was approved four years ago.

During a public hearing Sept. 13, Jocelyn Grecko, government affairs analyst for Range Resources, said that while the company is seeking to drill a total of up to 14 wells, it plans to drill up to seven more at present — a total of eight producing wells, including the well that was drilled previously.

The supervisors unanimously tabled the Sept. 13 vote for amended conditional use to further discuss other conditions that officials may want to impose. Some conditions the township is contemplating include the use of third-party air monitoring, noise limitations, 24-hour notice prior to use of township roads, monthly updates for the township to post on the web, and emergency response training.

Ms. Grecko said the company plans to use only state roads, not any township roads.

Robert Max Junker, independent counsel for Range Resources, submitted a suggested list of similar conditions that have been used in some Washington County municipalities.

Range also asked supervisors for a modification to the 2013 ordinance. Although the ordinance does not allow temporary housing for workers, the township agreed to allow up to 15 rig workers to live on-site for three weeks in temporary trailers. This time, Range is asking that supervisors temporarily permit up to 24 personnel and eight trailers for approximately 120 days.

Supervisors could vote on the changes at the next public meeting on Oct. 11.

“If everything goes as planned,” Ms. Grecko said, “we could begin to drill as early as December.”

Amy Philips-Haller, freelance writer: suburbandliving@post-gazette.com.

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