Report: Gas prices appear poised to drop yet again in Pittsburgh area

Gas prices dipped both in the Pittsburgh region and nationally last week, at least slightly.

The average gallon of regular in Pittsburgh fell 0.4 cents to $2.71, according to price tracking website GasBuddy’s survey of about 700 gas stations int he region.

Nationally, the average gallon is running $2.38, down 3.7 cents in the last week.

"An oversupply of gasoline as refiners ramp up production will continue to exert downward pressure on prices at the pumps," said Dan McTeague, GasBuddy senior petroleum analyst in the Monday morning announcement.

"The expected bump in fuel demand doesn't seem to be coming, leaving refineries with a lot of inventory that has yet to find a market. Gas prices appear poised to drop yet again this week," he said.

A month ago, drivers in the region were paying 19.4 cents less, while a year ago they paid 34.6 cents per gallon less.

Akron, Ohio, drivers on Sunday paid an average of $2.27 per gallon, down 10.1 cents in the last week, while West Virginia drivers were paying 1.8 cents or $2.36 per gallon.

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