Pittsburgh buildings ahead in 2030 energy goals

The greening of Downtown Pittsburgh is ahead of schedule.

Buildings in the Golden Triangle participating in the 2030 District plan to cut energy and water use, and lower emissions, reported their accomplishments since the voluntary program launched in 2012. And they've been able to reduce their energy consumption by 11.6 percent, more than the 10 percent goal for 2015.

The ultimate mission is to halve energy use by 2030 in existing buildings, and to build new structures that are net zero in energy consumption.

The Green Building Alliance, which is overseeing the effort, compiled data from 84 properties. So far, those buildings have saved 286,508,179 kBtu, or enough energy to take 7,748 homes off the grid.

According to aggregated data, out of 24 large office buildings reporting, two thirds are already past their 2015 reduction targets and three are just single digits away from the 2030 goal of a 50 percent cut.

Parking garages are a different story, fewer than 36 percent of them reported "any meaningful reduction below the baseline," the Green Building Alliance report said.

The 2030 District includes 109 buildings and encompasses 35 million square feet of real estate.

Anya Litvak: alitvak@post-gazette.com, 412-263-1455

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