NY bets big on aging nuke plants, balancing jobs, safety

New York state's big bet on aging upstate nuclear plants balances safety, jobs and the need for a reliable source of power

OSWEGO, N.Y. (AP) — New York is betting big on the future of three aging upstate nuclear plants — even as it moves to close a nuclear facility closer to New York City.

The three facilities upstate include Nine Mile Point, which shares the distinction of being the oldest operating nuclear plant in the country.

Electric consumers will pay up to $7.6 billion to keep the three plants operating. Gov. Andrew Cuomo worked out that deal to ensure the plants don’t close, taking hundreds of important jobs with them.

It’s a different story downstate, however, where the Democrat successfully negotiated the closure of Indian Point nuclear plant north of New York City due to safety concerns.

Nuclear power critics say the approach doesn’t make sense and that the state should abandon nuclear power altogether.

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